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• Mar 4, 2024 - 18:51

1) I cannot figure out how to get Musescore to enter uke tabs when I enter notes. In the tutorials, this happens automatically. Never for me. The best I can get is a Zero on some uke tab lines, though I don't really understand how that happens. 2) Assuming you can tell me how to get Musescore to enter tabs automatically, how do I switch it from High G to Low G tuning?


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Thank you. Darn! I can't use that file because my computer can't open Musescore 4 because it can't find the MFPLat.DLL file. "Repair" doesn't help. (This is trying to Musescore alone. I don' t quite understand what MuseHub does.) I now remember that I had this same problem when MSCZ 4 first came out, which is why I still don't have it. Actually, what I need to know is (1) how to link staffs, and (2) how to change the tuning of the G string between Low and High. This "linking" was new to me. Thanks!

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I must be using a really old version of Musescore. First, my screen doesn't offer Low G uke. Just "ukulele" and "ukulele tab". The linking part doesn't look the same either. However, I did see a different option for linking, which seemed to work--it produced a staff linked to tab, but when I enter notes, nothing appears in the tab lines. I attach here a screen shot of what I just tried to do. You win a star for your patience and creativity with trying to help me. The clear answer is to figure out how to get V4 on this machine. I will ask a Geek friend for help. Thanks again!

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Your attached docx file shows MuseScore 3.
To find the Low G uke in MuseScore 3, type I (to open the Instruments dialog), then type uku in the search box (to search All Instruments). Notice the dropdown box - which usually just shows "Common" and not "All Instruments".

Here's a linked TAB for low G uke:
open it in MusSecore 3.

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