Skipped start & end repeat in the middle of bar

• May 7, 2024 - 14:08

Im transscribing a piece (Hornfiffen) , and it has a start & end Repeat in the middle of a bar, that no matter what i do playback seems to ignore.
Saving exiting and reopening, and turning play with repeats off and on does nothing.
it works well enough if i put the repeat at the end of the bar, but putting it in the middle of it makes it be ignored.
And only the end repeat at the end works but still ignores the one in the middle and just repeats the whole piece
I tested in another score if it was because i have a prelude but it is still ignored the same way.
This i look like unintend behavior to me

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Hornfiffen.mscz 28.5 KB
test WO prelude.mscz 16.66 KB


Add two measures at the appropriate place. Put the three eighth notes in the beginning of the first measure and the two 16ths at the beginning of the second measure. Use the Measure Properties to change the "Actual Duration" of the first measure to "3/8" and the second to "1/8". Add the two-sided repeat to the first measure.

Oh, and delete the original one measure.

Like this: Hornfiffen 2.mscz

And isn't that tune the traditional "Soldier's Joy"? Perhaps, "also known as" :-)

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