Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows 11

• May 13, 2024 - 23:57

I've waited for several updates before posting this bug(s). I use MuseScore regularly on Windows 11 (fully updated). There are numerous issues and instability related to keyboard shortcuts, which I use A LOT.


ALT-F | E Should go to Export. Rarely works. Usually goes no where.
ALT- T | xxx ALT-T Goes to Transpose. However so do ALL the other keyboard shortcuts in the Tools menu.
ALT-O | P - goes to the Style menu, not the Page Settings menu.

If it would be helpful, I can perform a full review of all keyboard shortcuts to see where are the issues.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Ken Parrish


In my experience, none of the underlined characters on the menus work at all. Just hit the Control character for the menu (Alt+F for File, Alt+O for Format, etc), then use up and down arrow to move through the options on the menu.

Indeed, this is a known limitation of the current menu system - see To be clear, what you are talking about aren't "shortcuts" but rather "menu mnemonics". Actual shortcuts - involved not from the menu system but directly from the score, like Ctrl+S for save - do work normally. And you can define customize shortcuts for pretty much any menu item that doesn't have them already - see Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

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First of all, let me thank you and your colleagues for the tremendous job that you have done with MuseScore. I've been using MuseScore since Version 1.x and watch as it has grown into a top notch scoring tool. I use MuseScore at least once a week, and often every day. Well done.

Thank you for your reply, and the correct terminology for 'menu mnemonics'. I sort of suspect that there was an intrinsic reason menu mnemonics have never really worked (Qt ??). I was not aware that I could use the up/down arrow after the menu selection shortcuts.

I will definitely explore adding short cuts for oft used such as Export and Page Settings.

Thank you for your help.

Ken Parrish
Worcester, MA, US

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