Hiding Instrument Name on Score

• May 21, 2024 - 17:39

It seems like the 4.3 upgrade changed how the instrument name appears (or doesn't appear) on the score. I used to routinely delete the instrument name from the score by simply clicking it and deleting. Now, I have to remove it from the Instrument tab listing. The instrument name still appears in the Mixer when I do that, but I liked the old way better. Is there a setting that 'hides' the instrument name on the score? I've looked in the manual and haven't found it.


This has been fixed in the imminent 4.3.1 patch.

In 4.4, this will also be improved so that you can choose where and whether to show the names (long or short) in the score or not, without having to effectively explicitly set them to an empty string in order to hide them.

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