Changing Piano Sound

• Jun 11, 2024 - 18:03

I wrote a part for piano and then changed it to one of the synth sounds. Even though it doesn't show it, I am still hearing the piano sound in addition to the synth sound. How do I get rid of the piano sound?


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I saved the piece in a folder on my desktop in version 4.3. When I open it, it opens in 4.3.1 and is now blank. I have been working on several different versions, this one for the past week. All the other versions are OK. The version that is blank has many more blank measures than the piece actually was. It looks like my work was deleted and blank measures were added. It is also 183kb, My other versions are between 50kb and 55kb, I have not restarted my laptop.

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900 measures?! Glad to hear you got your score back. But then again, an update (it's NOT a "new program", just un update) - whether it fixes bugs, includes or improves features - has strictly no power to act on the content of any given file, in particular to remove or add measures.
Just imagine the mess and user complaints if that were the case!
This is necessarily due to your intervention at some point.

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Interesting that you keep blaming the OP for this problem. Who knows what actually happened. Don't forget that for someone who has never used MuseScore, 4.3.1 is not an "update". It is the same installer for everyone. Of course a program shouldn't be able to alter the contents of a file on its own. But MU4 has done some odd things.

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Seriously, an update, and magically, a particular file would contain 900 more measures!? Would you believe it yourself for a second? It's not blaming an OP for making a mistake or confusing files. We all make them. But accepting to read without saying anything that Musescore would pervert files to this extent during an update, apart from the fact that it's not possible, does no one any favors.

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I have no idea how those measures got there. You did blame the OP for some kind of intervention. Several times.
I have seen plenty of posts about one particular file having some kind of problem (and all the rest are fine) after installing a new version (what you call an update) of MuseScore. Everyone's computer is different. Everyone may or may not take good care of their system. Normally we would do a reboot after installing new software, but don't always remember.

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MuseScore modifying an existing score during a version update is plain imposible.

Existing score may not open properly in a newer version, due to problems in either the score or the new version, but that's clearly not the case here.
So with about 99.999% probability the user just fat-fingered the score, before or after the update. These things happen all the time.

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I think all computer keyboards have Ins keys, but sometimes they are not obvious. Usually they are

  1. Immediately adjacent to the Del/Delete key, and/or
  2. On one of the number pad keys, only active when Num Lock is turned off. (On my laptop, Ins is on the "0", with another Del on the decimal/period.)

It's possible you could have a keyboard that doesn't have one (almost anything is possible), but I've never seen such a keyboard in nearly 40 years of doing computer support.

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Yeah, it's used very rarely. In MS Word (and, I think, in Excel too?), the Ins key toggles between "Insert" and "Overwrite" modes: "Overwrite" is used very rarely (in my experience).

In MuseScore, Ins appears to be used in two default shortcuts: Ins, by itself, is "Insert one measure before selection" and Ctrl+Ins is "Insert measures before selection". Both of which have readily available menu options, which I almost always use. Oh, I see that the first even has a button in the Layout palette.

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