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• Jun 13, 2024 - 15:51

Hi, I converted this part to pdf then when opened it it messed up the original documents. Please see the attachments:

Arsalan Hamidi

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It isn't unusual for a PDF reader to miss some things.
For the measures that are too long (see the "+" sign over them), input the correct notes. Then select the measure and right click. Go to Measure Properties and correct the actual measure to 4/4. Select measure 9 and add one measure after it. Change the measure rest to a measure repeat there and in measure 2.
Good luck. I can post a corrected version if you need it.

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If you want editing to be a lot easier, get yourself a real music OCR program. SmartScore, or one of the others, lets you edit the recognized score before it goes into MuseScore.

It just took me about 3 minutes to run it through SmartScore 64 Pro. It showed two errors: a duration error in the pickup measure, and one spurious quarter note in m. 31. I fixed them both and exported as XML. Opened in MuseScore, where I had to fix the pickup measure.


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"Saw your add on top of Muse score for %90 or % 99 off and I bought it and paid for it thinking it will help me to convert the pdf score to MSCX."

@ahamadi it will not.
MuseScore studio is free.

What you paid is a cloud service and an app to read score on iPhone and Android.

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"Well, in this case, can you please refund my payment?"

One more thing to clarify then : in this forum there are only users of MuseScore studio like you and me.
Nobody from MuseScore company. Some of these users like Jojo are super expert which may make think they are from MuseScore itself, but they are not.
Any contact about payment will need to happen on

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