• Jun 19, 2024 - 19:54

Skips my brdge of tune It is suppose to repeat and go to 2nd part and it does IT GOES STRAIGHT TO THE ENDING AND ENDS


Guessing that you have a jump/repeat incorrect somewhere. But there's no way we can even BEGIN to help if we can't see your score. Please attach your score (.MSCZ file) to the thread.

Oh, and you don't need to SHOUT. It's impolite.

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The attachment you sent me is a new version.
1 I am using 4.o version of musescore. I am happy with it . That is why I asked what measures you put the coda or repaets
2. This assignmnet is about Keys,Roman numerals and guide tones
3. Hop you understand

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M easure 18 is Volta 2 anf tzhat has a repeat list of 1, needs to to be 2
Probably twice, as there's another volta too in the piano staff

The D.C. should probably jump after the dotted half note, but it will jump at the end of the measure, so you'd need to split it. But that won't work for the Piano staff... So that roadmap is unclear and impossible

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Can You make a list for the order that is supposed to happen. Measure by measure. In groups. The DS at the beginning and the later DC don't appear to do anything. And the second ending jumps to the last two measures. What are the last two measure?

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