Continuous view is interrupted by frames

• Oct 13, 2014 - 23:25
S4 - Minor

If one or more frames are inserted to the score on the page view, the continuous view becomes interrupted by the frames.
Continuous View.png
MuseScore Nightly Rev: 753d232
Windows 7

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I could see pluses and minuses here. Frames are most often used to contain text or graphics, and you'd normally still want to see those. Empty frames might be used to indicate some sort of separation that also might still make sense to see in Continuous view, or maybe not. Perhaps rather than not display them at all, we could at least limit their size?

It is my thought that, once something is inserted in a frame, it will not usually need to be re-examined in the same way notation needs to be. Perhaps a small marker which, when clicked on would take one specifically to that location.

That's the sort of thing much better accomplished through page layout/style settings and/or staff spacers - any of which would have had the desired effect on Continuous view. Frames are not the right tool for this job.

While I understand that maybe text within a frame might not always be as interesting to look at later as notes, one could easily same the same about *any* text. I am not sure I like the idea of MuseScore playing favorites here.