Daniel D'Onofrio

Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Option to select download formats on MuseScore.com Daniel D'Onofrio 2 1 year ago
Issue Different number of staff lines in each group of measures Daniel D'Onofrio 31 3 years ago
Issue AppImage does not work with Jack Audio - SOLVED Daniel D'Onofrio 17 6 years ago
Issue Option to select the MIDI Output Daniel D'Onofrio 24 6 years ago
Issue Cannot change application's font size Daniel D'Onofrio 18 7 years ago
Issue Mixer is not being updated after load a custom sound configuration from the score Daniel D'Onofrio 2 7 years ago
Issue Cannot load sfz files with "default_path" parameter Daniel D'Onofrio 4 7 years ago
Issue [Translation] "Save online" and "Close tab" don't appear to be translated Daniel D'Onofrio 3 7 years ago
Issue [MusicXML Export] invalid MusicXML when instruments are missing from drumset Leon Vinken 5 8 years ago
Issue Middle C is shown as C3 instead of C4 Daniel D'Onofrio 9 8 years ago
Issue Crash when trying to edit a percussion part from a MusicXML file Daniel D'Onofrio 8 8 years ago
Issue Cannot load a personal configuration in the synthesizer Daniel D'Onofrio 2 8 years ago
Issue Cannot use SFZ and non-GM soundfonts on percussion instruments Daniel D'Onofrio 4 9 years ago
Issue Bracket is replaced by a brace after remove a keyboard instrument Daniel D'Onofrio 3 9 years ago
Issue Cannot translate noteheads from palettes panel Daniel D'Onofrio 6 9 years ago
Issue Add Drumset checkbox to the Mixer Daniel D'Onofrio 12 9 years ago
Issue non-transposing key signatures Marc Sabatella 15 9 years ago
Issue Crash transposing orchestral score out of instrument range Daniel D'Onofrio 2 9 years ago
Issue Problem with the spanish translation of "dotted" on the status bar Daniel D'Onofrio 8 9 years ago
Issue Style/General window comes up larger than necessary Daniel D'Onofrio 19 9 years ago
Issue Translations are not being updated if only "instrumental" section is translated Daniel D'Onofrio 3 9 years ago
Issue Cannot update spanish translation Daniel D'Onofrio 20 9 years ago
Issue Cannot translate "Palettes", "Select workspace", "Add new workspace" nor the texts from Piano- and Drumroll Daniel D'Onofrio 14 9 years ago
Issue Startcenter cannot be closed after trying to create a new score Daniel D'Onofrio 5 9 years ago
Issue The term "Palettes" doesn't get used in its translated form Jojo-Schmitz 18 9 years ago