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Platform Linux Mint
Occupation Composer
Country Argentina
Active since 7 years 12 weeks


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IssueDifferent number of staff lines in each group of measures Daniel D'Onofrio2119 weeks ago
IssueCannot change application's font size Daniel D'Onofrio1822 weeks ago
IssueMixer is not being updated after load a custom sound configuration from the score Daniel D'Onofrio228 weeks ago
IssueCannot load sfz files with "default_path" parameter Daniel D'Onofrio436 weeks ago
IssueSFZ with space in sample paths cannot be loaded gdball641 weeks ago
Issue2.0.3 AppImage does not work with Jack Audio Daniel D'Onofrio642 weeks ago
Issue[Linux PPA] Start center opens behind main window chrisch_221 year ago
Issue[Translation] "Save online" and "Close tab" don't appear to be translated Daniel D'Onofrio31 year ago
Issue[MusicXML Export] invalid MusicXML when instruments are missing from drumset Leon Vinken51 year ago
IssueMiddle C is shown as C3 instead of C4 Daniel D'Onofrio91 year ago
Forum topicMuseScore 2.0.1 is released lasconic781 year ago
IssueOption to select the MIDI Output Daniel D'Onofrio121 year ago
IssueCrash when trying to edit a percussion part from a MusicXML file Daniel D'Onofrio82 years ago
IssueCannot load a personal configuration in the synthesizer Daniel D'Onofrio22 years ago
IssueCannot use SFZ and non-GM soundfonts on percussion instruments Daniel D'Onofrio42 years ago
IssueBracket is replaced by a brace after remove a keyboard instrument Daniel D'Onofrio32 years ago
IssueCannot translate noteheads from palettes panel Daniel D'Onofrio62 years ago
IssueAdd Drumset checkbox to the Mixer Daniel D'Onofrio122 years ago
Issuenon-transposing key signatures Marc Sabatella152 years ago
IssueCrash transposing orchestral score out of instrument range Daniel D'Onofrio22 years ago
IssueProblem with the spanish translation of "dotted" on the status bar Daniel D'Onofrio82 years ago
IssueStyle/General window comes up larger than necessary Daniel D'Onofrio192 years ago
IssueTranslations are not being updated if only "instrumental" section is translated Daniel D'Onofrio32 years ago
IssueCannot update spanish translation Daniel D'Onofrio202 years ago
IssueCannot translate "Palettes", "Select workspace", "Add new workspace" nor the texts from Piano- and Drumroll Daniel D'Onofrio142 years ago