Style/General window comes up larger than necessary

• Oct 14, 2014 - 01:05
S4 - Minor

The "MuseScore: Edit Style" window (Style/General), need to be resizes every time that I open it on a 19'' monitor (1360x768).

MuseScore Nightly Rev. 753d232 - Windows 7


Have you manually decreased the size (with some plain text editor)? If so that dialog would probably resize as soon as opened and saved with QtDesigner
Been there, done that :-(

Yes, I manually changed values. I used dimensions of the dialog when it's manually resized to the smallest possible.

And I have just tested, changed those values manually, then opened it in QtDesigner, changed something, undid that change, saved and the sizes 'survived', so seems this would indeed work, sorry for the noise (but I'm sure to have had issues where it did not 'survive' my changes)

Status (old) active fixed

but has been reinstated shortly after by aa6b0c8

Although any further change in Qt Creator to that file may again revert to those too large settings,
at least that had happened to Werner when doing 75d9e76

Status (old) active patch (ready to commit)

See PR #1581
Although a better and permanent solution might be needed to prevent this issue from coming up again at the next edit of that file via QtCreator.