The term "Palettes" doesn't get used in its translated form

• Aug 28, 2014 - 20:40
S4 - Minor

I believe the code where the translatability should be handled is at…
I can't see anything wrong with it though. The string shows up on Transifex:…

It is translated into German, Italian, Japanese and probably a couple more, but doesn't show in MuseScore.


It is a problem of the context.
In the ts files we have (I take the mscore_it.ts as an example) <name>PaletteBox</name> as context:
<source>new Palette</source>
<translation>nuova Tavolozza</translation>

You can also see that if you right-click and choose to insert a new palette, the name is "new Palette" and not the translated one "nuova Tavolozza", since it relies on the same (slightly wrong) context.

The proper context should be:
in order to work.

You can see that in the inspector case we have the correct one <name>Ms::Inspector</name>.

I don't know if this is a problem of how strings-to-be-translated are extracted from the source code and put to Transifex.

In French Palette is translated as Palette so we can't see...

But inspector in Beta1 is well translated as "Inspecteur" , and also when you click in the score the inspector window is translated as "inspecteur"....

Indeed, the context is different, don't see why though? Nor how to fix.
And indeed "new Palette" is not tranllated either (and should probably be "New Palette" or maybe "New Palette", but surely not "new Palette"