Cannot translate noteheads from palettes panel

• Mar 7, 2015 - 23:44
S4 - Minor

All noteheads's descriptions from the "palettes" panel cannot be translated. The only symbol that could be translated is "Add brackets to element". Please consider this issue before March 20th (the last day to get translations).


1. About March 20th: Thomas sent an e-mail saying:
"What is important for you to know is that the final date to get your
translation in is set on March 20th. On that date we will package the final
2.0 build to be released on the 24th."

2. About this particular issue: It's not a problem with my configuration. I cannot find the strings on transifex to translate those descriptions. Search (for example) "Half (minim) notehead" and you won't find it.

I'll have a look. Translation will continue after release, but at release time the then current translations will become part of the package

The tooltips are now using the note head names used in the inspector and so they don't need to be translated again.