Problem with the spanish translation of "dotted" on the status bar

• Jan 17, 2015 - 16:42
S4 - Minor

The translation of "dotted" to spanish is: "con puntillo". In english it's placed before the name of the figure, but in spanish it must be placed after the name of the figure. In the status bar we are using two strings to translate: "dotted quarter" (for example): one string to "dotted" and another string to "quarter". This make that the translation of "dotted" always remain before the name of the figure. But in spanish: "con puntillo negra" is wrong, we must to say: "negra con puntillo" where "negra" is "quarter" and "con puntillo" is "dotted".
I think the best way to solve this problem is to reduce that two strings in only one string. So we will have one string to "dotted quarter" another to "dotted half" and so on. By this way we will be able to translate "dotted" after the name of the figure.


I think I can fix that. On Transifex that fix should result in strings like "Dotted %1" which in Spanish than would need to get translated to "%1 con puntillo", similar for "Double dotted"and "Triple dotted"