Cannot update spanish translation

• Dec 25, 2014 - 19:27
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Since two days ago I cannot update the changes I made to the spanish translation on Transifex. I can update all languages without errors except the spanish. I've tried on two different computers with the same result.


MuseScore 2.0 beta 2 - Windows 7 (32 bit)

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Still not working. I made a factory reset, a fresh install, I've changed languages and the problem persist. I can update all languages except the spanish. Can anyone else confirm this?
Same results on beta 2 and bf97799

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I updated the Spanish language on beta 2 without problems on Mac OS X 10.8.5. I must say though that I encountered this issue with Dutch before and simply restarting the MuseScore software fixed the issue. When I encounter it again, I will dig into it.

I made a factory reset and a fresh install, but the error persist. I found something else. The .zip file was downloaded (despite the error) but the content is old and didn't was unziped. So the changes I made today and yesterday are not on that file. Could the error be on the unzip process? Why the content of the file is not updated?

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among the difficulties with the language, and with the computer science, do not be surprised if it is nonsense:
On Vista the path is similar, but the extension is * .qm

Try to delete the folder "MuseScoreDevelopment" then do a factory reset

The .qm files are the content of the .zip file. As I said before, the problem is present on both versions (beta 2 and bf97799). The capture before was the capture of the nightly version, here is the capture of the beta version.

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I do not understand the steps.
When I install, for example, Nightly, folder "Local" is generated automatically:


MuseScore 2.0 is not a subfolder (on Vista)

Please pay attention to the dates, the *.qm archives are not updated. I still thinking the error is on the unzip process. The strange thing is the date of the .qm files. Seems the source is not being updated

no problem here, I've just tried. And I don't see any zip files either:
There were zip files earlier, remnants from Beta 1, which didn't clean up, a problem that had been fixed later.
I've removed them and loaded fresh language updates.

In case you want them, here are the 2 Spanish files

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This seems stupid but the problem was my internet service. It was blocking the file because I've downloaded it so many times to verify the translations. I've just solve it. Thank you to all