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• Apr 7, 2015 - 18:50
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I use MuseScore on Linux and Windows. On Windows everything is ok but on Linux the application's font is too big and it doesn't use the size of the system's font. On MuseScore 1.3 I could change it from preferences menu but on MuseScore 2.0 I can't. I think the issue here is that MuseScore is not recognizing the system's font. I've tried to change system's font size on Linux and Windows. On Linux I couldn't see any change:


On Windows the font's size of the menu change but the font's size of the pallete's menu not:

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I think this could be a bug... If not, how can I change the application's font size on Linux and how can I change the pallete's font size on Windows?

MuseScore 2.0 - Linux Mint 17.1 Mate (64 bit) - Windows 7 (32 bit)


Which desktop environment is that? On Ubuntu with xfce4, this works as expected for me. I see a number of settings in that dialog, but am not sure which one(s) you tried changing.

Regarding the failure of the palettes to resize on Windows, I'm starting to look into that. I understand it can be an issue on Mac as well. I guess it comes down to what is the default size for a QToolButton, because we don't override it in the code itself, unless maybe we do in "mstyle" somewhere.

On Windows 8, there is a combo box to change the size of the text for the title bar, the menu etc... and it works for each single item but there is no item for button text, so no way to increase the size of the palette button.

I guess as a hack we could maybe create a "dummy" menu item, read the font size from that, and use it to set the size for the palette box button?

We could consider the same approach for score browser icons, which set their size based on some arbitrary unknown default.

I wasn't aware there were issues with those other things - so far, people have reported issues with palette names and the score browser only.

For me, on Ubuntu, all text works fine, and with the "-x" option, everything else does as well. I'd like everyone to have as good an experience. If there really are lots of elements that are not responding to the system font on Windows, then I would suggest we maybe revisit the decision to remove the font size setting from Edit / Preferences. As I recall, the justification for removing it was that this is more properly something you should do in the OS, as any such changes would normally be desired system wide, and that MuseScore should not ignore the OS settings. The 1.3 behavior was arguably a bug when looked at that way. But if the OS setting is not going to be honored correctly, we are worse off than we were before from what I can tell.

I guess I should experiment more on Windows to see what issues actually exist and what can be done. I did try setting the font for palette labels to the the size returned by systemFont(), but on Windows this doens't seem to respond to anything that I could see - it always returned the same value no matter which settings I tried changing within Windows.

On windows I managed to make it work the palette titles respond to the message box font size if I add this in the constructor of PaletteBoxButton. I wonder if it makes any difference on Linux.

QFont f = font();

For reference, on windows 8.1, I don't see any regression.

here is Qt creator with all font size up.
shot_150408_200931 (1).png

MuseScore 1.3 with the same settings

MuseScore 2.0 with trick described earlier

I can verify that trick works for Windows 7 too.

But I can also now see that indeed, lots of other text in MuseScore fails to respond to these settings on Windows - contents of dialog boxes most obviously. So even with this in place, it will still feel like a bit of a regression over 1.3, where you could with one preference setting affect everything (? or at least, more than what we would be getting in 2.0 even with this change).

Which makes me wonder if there isn't some better way to do this. What did that setting in 13 actually *do*? Did it somehow set the overall application font? Or did we simply check that preference setting everything we created text?

Oh, and the FixedFont thing works fine for me on Ubuntu/xcfe. Which is to say, palette was already scaling with system font, and this didn't break that.

I see there is a QApplication::setFont(), BTW

On Linux I've solved the issue updating to xfce 4.12. The application's font did not change on Mate 1.8.1 and Xfce 4.10, but on Xfce 4.12 works like a charm. On the other hand, I agree with Marc, I think this could be a regression over 1.3, because MuseScore 1.3 allow us much more personalization over the application's font

I am new to MuseScore (2.02). Looks great. However all application fonts are incredibly small (see screencapture) so currently I can not work with it. I tried several things: The -x option increases just the icons not fonts. I tried changing Gnome system fonts sizes but no results. Seems like system fonts are not picked up somehow. I am on Ubuntu 15.10 Gnome, with a Dell XPS 13 inch HiDPI screen.

The 'FixedFont solution' described above I do not understand (I looked for paletteBoxButton file on my system but can not find it). I did update xfce4, no results.

Any suggestion how I should proceed?


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unfortunately each OS and window manager is a little different in terms of how it passes resolution and font info to applications. The "-x" options scales the things that need scaling using xfce4 on Ubuntu 14.04, but I can easily believe that this isn't the same set that needs scaling with a different window manager. It *should* be the case that MuseScore picks up the global font size setting ypu set in your window manager, and again this works as expected for xfce4 / Ununtu 14.04, but perhaps your window manager is providing multiple options and you haven't found the right one yet?

Has there been any advancement on this issue? I have 2.0.3 running on a Surface Pro 4, Windows 10. The dialog box text is so small that the software is unusable. I've tried adjusting all the display settings on the machine (no effect), and the -x option (increases icon size only).

FWIW, 1.3 on my prior laptop (Windows 10) was fine. I really hope this can be fixed, I can't use the software without legible dialog boxes.

MuseScore should honor the font size you have set in your OS. And normally this works as it should. If you are having problems with this on your particular system, please ask for help on the Support forum, and include as much info as you can (eg, what font size you have set in your OS, screen shots to show the font size that actually results, etc).

Note in Windows 10, it is the "menu" text size you need to set; MuseScore bases everything off that.