Markup tags displaying in instrument names

• Oct 15, 2014 - 20:55
S4 - Minor

Several scores that I created using nightly build versions of Muse score are having this issue: Some sort of markup or tag text appears in the instrument names when I open the file for editing.

Attached is a screen shot comparing the file open in the current Nightly Build vs a saved PDF I have from the same file. (The PDF was saved when I last edited the file several months ago.)

The score shown in these images is also attached.

The text is the same in all instances: "p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }" with a CRLF.

At this time, all scores that I have opened that were previously edited using Muse Score are showing this issue.

OSX 10.9.5 using Nightly Build 9f15fa3

I am unsure if this is related to #25900 - that is a much older bug related to 1.3.


Thanks for the report!

For experimenting purposes, I once imported a file into a development build last year (I think) and saved it as mscz. In recent nightlies, text (instrument names anyway) now appear with markup.

Unless it can be reproduced with a file saved in 1.3/recent builds (please post a new issue if you do), I would close this.

Yes, it is expected that files created with older nightly builds will contain markup in some text, as the handling of text formatting changed a few months back. That's part of the price of experimenting with early nightly builds. You should be able to remove the markup, but chances are there are other compatibility issues that can lead to crashes and more, so don't expect to be able to use scores from nightly builds more than a few months old.