Mid-measure tempo changes not saved correctly

• Dec 8, 2009 - 13:25
S4 - Minor
  1. Create two measures with three or more tempo changes
  2. Press play (if you just created the tempos yourself then they play back as expected)
  3. File > Save
  4. File > Reload
  5. Press play

Expected behavior: Tempo markings should playback the same as when you first added them

Actual behavior: After save and reload tempos are limited to one per measure.

First reported by MDMilford. See Errant tempos.mscz


Fixed in r2863
The included file does not work. I don't know which version was used to create it but the tempo list looks weird.
The same file created from scratch works. I solved only a reading problem, not writing.

Status (old) fixed active

Tried to recreate the file with r2862 on Windows xp. I'm still having the same problem. As I stated earlier, if you write it and then play it back, there is no problem. Where the problem comes up is when you save the file and reload it. Do this and play the file again while carefully tapping your desk to the beat. You will see that where the quarter note with the fermata should last for several beats, it only last for 1 1/2.