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• Oct 26, 2014 - 13:52

I'm allmost sure, that it would be very helpfull, if there would be a special truck for score information (tempos, swing, or maybe something else) and that these information would be not joint with some concrete note stave. Once I had problems with removing the first stave containing tempo information.

Moreover - some scores use to have system information duplicated on bottom. So it would be nice if I can place any number of copies of systemtrucks between any two staves - anywhere I (or notes typesetter) would like to.



Could you explain what you mean? I don't knwo what a "truck" is here. Could you perhaps post a picture or describe in more detail what you are talking about?

I think the second thing you are asking for might be a way to specify on which staves system text or tempo marks appear. I agree this would be useful. There are many ways this could be done, but perhaps the simplest would be an option in Staff Properties that says "Display system text" (and tempo markings, rehearsal marks, etc).

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You are right - it could solve my problem - the possibility to set on which stave should appear system information and maybe also setting if it should appear above or bellow the stave.

My origin idea was, that no one (instrument) stave had system information but that would be a special track (no lines - just a little place) between (or above or bellow) instrument staves and it should contain system information. Maybe there could be something like frame and in it were the information joint to measures or beats. And maybe, if these places could set its information invisible, I could to use them for spacing two staves along all the pages of score (if I would need). It maybe could work a little like a label track in Audacity.

So there could be two conceptions - one with possibility to switch showing system info (but it should cause bigger spacing above or bellow the stave anywhere should appear visible system information with possibility to switch, if appearing shall be above or bellow. Second conception is that these information have their own track that could be inserted anywhere between staves or above or bellow - with possibility of moving them up and down like is it with moving staves. Both would work. I don`t know what is more easy for programming and for using.


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We discussed this in the context of a way to add chord symbols for guitar without having a visible guitar staff.

This is already possible, in fact. Use a snare drum staff, for instance, which is only 1 line and has no key signatures, then go to Staff Properties and set the staff line, time signature, and barlines to invisible. Then select all on the staff and make the rests invisible. Now you have a totally invisible staff to which you can attach text.

This option isn't great for the guitar chord use case because we want that staff at the top of the score, and unfortunately the barline at the beginning of each system betrays the existence of the staff. But in the case at hand here, the whle point is to have a staff *not* at the top. So it should work.

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It was my mistake.

I think that using the invisible snare track for tempos does not help. But I agree that it can help for spacing between two staves along all the pages.

Actually Tempo (and occasional other system info) will appear only on the top stave.


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Using an invisible snare staff for tempo and other markings should work just fine. You will just have to add them as Staff text so they don't show at the top of the score.

As for spacing, no need for invisible staves - just drag the staves further apart.

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So, if I need that system information will appear on more places fo a score, I shall create extra track, make invisible its stave and cope there the system information and set them as stave ones? I am affraid, there is possibility to forget some of them and create mistakes that way.

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I thought, that such virtual stave for additional system texts would be easy to programme. In some scores it could save some work and moreover it could elliminate mistakes of rewriting and problems with formating. But I know, scores like this are more or less rarity.

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