Corrupted Horizontal Position of Hairpins ( saving from Continuous View ).

• Oct 28, 2014 - 03:43
S4 - Minor

Steps to reproduce bug:

1. Create a new score or open an existing score with at least 4-5 measures.
2. Select "Continuous View"
3. Create or select existing Hairpin (Cres./Decres.) at about 4-5 measures from the start
of the score. Best if it is after the first natural break in the staff (in page view).
The further away from the start of the first measure in the score the more noticeable the effect.
4. Move the Hairpin from its current position using the mouse or set the Horizontal/Vertical Offset from the Inspector Panel.
5. Save the Score
6. Re-Open the score again. (Close and re-open or just re-open the score)

Expected behaviour: The Hairpin should not have moved from its position after setting position or size (remain as it was when saved).

Actual behaviour: The Hairpin has jumped to some unexpected position further to the right. The amount seems to be relative to its distance from the start of the score. a maximum offset of 200sp was noted (though some disappear altogether, if far away enough).

Discussion: If you move the position of ANY hairpin (Cres./Decr.) anywhere in the score and SAVE CHANGES while in Continuous View the horizontal position of all of the Hairpins are corrupted. If you save from Page View this does not happen, even if the change to the Hairpin was done from Continuous View. It seams to be tied to the fact that the Continuous View is treated as a single ultra-wide page and the offset is likely intended to be from the start of the page. ( best guess... )

Additional information: Changing the graphical length of a Hairpin does not cause a problem unless at some point it was also moved, it appears to be because there are two different tags in the .mscx file, the < pos x="143.235" y="-4.57957"/ > for the origin position and the tag < off2 x="17.5692" y="0"/ > which controls the graphical length.

MuseScore version: v2.0 including latest build (f262e9c) 2014-10-27

(Operating System: Windows XP professional)

GIT commit: f262e9c