Edit Elements does not seem to work

• Oct 30, 2014 - 13:20
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Click Select Element.
Click Edit Element.
Nothing happens next.

Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite



Sorry. MuseScore 2.0 beta
I tried it on rests and notes. After "Select Elements" nothing happens when I click "Edit Elements".
Of course it could be user error.

What do you expect to happen?
With 'Select Element' you mean a single click?
Edit Element would be either a double click or a right-click or an Strg+E?
There is no menu EditElement that I can see.
Note and rests can get moved sideways with the arrow keys in edit mode.
And this does work just fine for me?

The purpose of the Edit Element command is to put the element into Edit Mode. The specifics differ for different types of elements. For text, you can then edit the text, and a cursor appears to make this obvious. For slurs, you can change the shape, and handles appear to make is obvious. For notes and rests, though, the only thing Edit Mode is for is manyally adjust their position via the atrow keys. Nothing appears on screen to make it obvious that this is now pissible, but press an arrow key and you'll see.

BTW, it only works on a single element - you can't put multiple elements into Edit Mode at a time.

Everything I have describe should work, and does for me. I assume you were expecting something else to happen when you selected Edit Element, but it is probably working for you too and you just didn't realize what it this command was for.

In 1.2 I was able to Control-click on a rest then Select -->All Similar Elements. Control-click (again) on one of the highlighted rests and then click "Set Invisible".
Now that I look at this more closely (thank you for your expert help and guidance above) I see that I was misled by the fact that the actions I wanted to apply to the rests - "Set Invisible" and "Set Visible" - are no longer in the Control-click measure menu. Perhaps those actions have been moved.

Wow! A simple, question with such a condescending series of responses from Marc Sabatella. I followed this thread looking for the same answer but couldn't help being put-off by your response to the requester. Hopefully you can step back and re-read your responses from the users point of view and see if "works here, you must be doing something wrong" is really the best response....

??? I see only one response from me here, and I am confused as to how you are seeing it as condescending. I was simply explaining what the function does. Sorry if that something about that was troubling to you.

Btw, I don't see anything condescending about the othet responses either, sorry if I inadvertently implied otherwise.


I think I figured it out (trial and error). If you hit CTRL-E and nothing happens, it's probably because the 'Inspector' dialog is not visible. You can get it back by right-clicking on the toolbar (below the menu) and ensuring that 'Inspector' is on. Then you can CTRL-E (or right click on something and then choose 'Edit Element'). That way, you will have the same control over notes, rests, etc... that the MS 1.3 'Note Properties' had. If it still doesn't work, email me and I'll send you the screen captures and walk you through it. There are no dumb questions.

Sorry, that isn't quite right. It is true that the Inspector is the replacement for what previously required a separate Note Properties dialog (among other things). But Ctrl+E (shortcut for Edit mode, also enabled by double click) doesn't have anything to do with this. You don't need to press Ctrl+E or otherwise enter Edit mode in order to use the Inspector. The Inspector is active the moment you click on a note.

Edit mode is only needed for the same things it was needed for in 1.3: to enable nudging of a note, rest, or other element via the keyboard, to extend or change the shape of a line, etc. But the Inspector works immediately, no Ctrl+E necessary.

Title Edit Elements does not seem to work No Timing Offeset in Edit Element/Inspector
Status (old) closed needs info

I made extensive use of Timing Offsetand Velocity Offset in 1.3 Note Properties for more realistic piano playback. In 2.0, using Edit Element, the Inspector dialog has Velocity Offset but there seems to be No Timing Offset.

Title No Timing Offeset in Edit Element/Inspector Edit Elements does not seem to work
Status (old) needs info closed

Timing controls is now available in the Pianoroll editor (right click an empty area of a staff and select form menu).

In the future, please do not use the issue tracker to ask support questions - that is what the Support forum is for. The issue trakcer is for reporting bugs once confirmed through disucssion on the forum, but even so, one should file new issues for each new bug, not re-title an existing issue.

I didn't realize I was in a thread. And OMG, the horror of locating and editing the note timing using the Piano Roll! I am a composer not a pianist or Midi-man. Please Please add this back to the edit element menu.

I'll look for the proper place to make that request and make another donation!!

I'm still unsure if this is the same problem/bug or not (or if it is actually a bug at all).

Musescore 2.0.1, linux, gnome3. Selecting something and hitting "Edit element" does nothing, except changing some toolbar buttons from disabled to enabled and back. Esc key restores them. After experimenting for quite some time I realized the "item editor" window is open UNDER the main musescore window, so it is completely invisible, but receives keyboard input! I discovered it after moving the main window.

Now, after re-opening musescore, I can't find the "Element editor" anywhere anymore. Using "Inspector" window works as mentioned in #10 but once the Inspector window is closed, Ctrl+E doesn't work anymore.

Isn't Ctrl+E (or corresponding mouse click) supposed to bring this "Inspector" window to front, make it visible and move focus to it?

I'm not aware of an "Element editor", but edit mode is not related to the Inspector. The position of an element can in some cases be adjusted via edit mode, and can always be adjusted via the Inspector, but that's the only overlap.

"The position of an element can in some cases be adjusted via edit mode" -- that's the problem. The dialog box (?) which supposed to open when enterng "edit mode" does not appear, it is nowhere to be seen. Ctrl+E or right mouse -> Edit Element does nothing, the only difference is that the main window loses focus, that's all. I can press "Esc" for the main window to regain focus, but there's no properties of the current element displayed, unless the inspector window is _also_ open, just like in #10 above. I'm not asking about the position of an element, I'm asking about the window with the element properties where I can adjust element position, color and other things. The window itself does not appear, so there's no way to change anything.

Isn't the Ctrl+E or RightClick->EditElement or double-click supposed to do _something_ ? If it is not, why it's there in the first place, and why so many ways are assigned to do nothing?

(After pressing any of the above -- Ctrl+E, doubleclick or RightClick->EditElement, arrow keys does nothing too, at least as long as I don't hit Esc after which the main window regains focus)

The whole behavour smells like there's some window opens "somewhere" with the properties of the current element, but it is not visible on the screen, and after pressing Esc it dimisses. That's why main window loses focus, I think. The key point is that the window with the element properties is not visible.

I promise you, there is no window with element properties. (Well, in some cases there is, but that's a right-click option 100% unrelated to edit mode.) Edit mode is a mode, not a dialog, just like play mode is a mode, or note input mode is a mode—and in both of those other modes, many actions are disabled as well. To see how it works, try selecting a note and pressing the left and right arrow keys. What happens normally is that the cursor moves to a different note. But enter edit mode, and then the arrow keys will actually move the note head left or right.

Got you. I very much hope, anyway :)) Indeed, I can select, say, a note, hit Ctrl+E, most buttons on the toolbar becomes grey, and I can move this note with arrow keys. Very interesting.

I think the confusion is due to somewhat unexpected result. People like me expect to see some dialog box there, like "Properties". I've no idea why. I've 25+ years expirience with computers and programming, maybe that's the reason, my mind used to work in a certain way and anything not fitting can't be understood :)

Thank you for your patience!

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Thank you, Marc. That was exactly the problem I was having, as well as the solution. I had accidentally, without knowing it, disabled the inspector view. So all attempts to edit anything were generating an error message.