element type and subtype in selection dialog are not translated

• Nov 6, 2014 - 08:26
S4 - Minor

In the selection dialog (right-click on an element → Select → More...) the content of the fields "Element type" and "Same subtype" are not always translated.

0ff91aa56b, Windows 7 (Enterprise, 64bit)

While the user would know which type (s)he selected, hence may not need this to be translated, the subtypes are much less obvious.
And even the element types can be confusing, like e.g. "Rest", which has an entirely different meaning in German (means "Remainder" there, the correct translation would be "Pause")
Some should even get 'translated' in English, like "TimeSig", should be "Time signature" or maybe "Time sig.", same for "KeySig", "InstrumentName", "SlurSegment", "StaffText", "BarLine", "VoltaSegment", "HairpinSegment", "LayoutBreak", "OttavaSegment", "RehearsalMark" etc.
"Harmony" should rather be "Chord Symbol", in those cases the programmers' terms should not be visible to the enduser.

Some subtypes are translated though (note head names, tremolos), some may not need translation (e.g. the Dynamic subtypes, like "mf")

While at it: there are no subtypes available for "Bracket", neither have "BarLine", "HairpinSegment" (crescendo, diminuendo), "LayoutBreak" (line, page, section), "Spacer" (up, down), "Text" (title, subtitle, etc), "OttavaSegment (8va - 22mb), VoltaSegment (open, closed). Probably worth filing a separate issue.


found a possible solution for element types and subtypes accidentals, articulations, fingering and system-/staff-text.
Looking for more...

Not sure though whether these changes break something elsewhere.