Screen reader tells accidental names twice due to translation

• Nov 8, 2014 - 21:15
S4 - Minor

The screen-reader will say the name of an accidental twice either as part of a note pitch, or when selecting an accidental. That is because both QObject::tr(x) and qApp->translate("accidental", x) will return the following for:
1. x = "flat" => "\u266D (flat)"
2. x = "sharp" => "\u266F (sharp)"
\u266D and \u266F being the unicode codes for flat and sharp.
NVDA seems to know those symbols and reads both the symbol and the text. Since I'm not sure how other screen-readers and braille displays will interpret these symbols and to avoid duplication I think I would be best for now to give the screen-reader just plain text.


I've amended the en_US and en_UK translations to not cause that issue anymore, either now just use the words "sharp" and "flat".
In the German translation I use the sharp and flat symbols only, so there shouldn't be an issue either.