"Change string" (tablature) command not synced between parts

• Nov 11, 2014 - 14:12
S4 - Minor

I have a file with several parts. One of them is a bass tablature. Then I go to that part to edit it individually, because it is more confortable for me. I pasted some music from a normal score, but the notes appear in the wrong strings, so I move them down with Ctrl+Down.

When I go back to the full song score, the Bass tablature notes appear as unchanged (in the wrong strings). Shouldn't it be synced with the bass "part"?


Title Tablature string position not synced between parts "Change string" (tablature) command not synced between parts
Status (old) needs info active

I can reproduce:

1) load attached score (just an ordinary score with one tablature staff, containing a few notes)
2) generate parts
3) click one note
4) ctrl+down to move to next string
5) view part

Result: the change did not affect the part. I guess this command needs to be made link-aware. I know this section of code has been a bit fragile, so I'm reluctant to mess with it. I can see where things happen in Score::upDown() and eventhing Note::setString(), but am unsure where the best place to loop through the links would be.

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