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• Nov 11, 2014 - 15:27

Hi, I see that there are two chences in forthcoming 2.0 version, pages side by side or a looong continuous score; but having to copy handrwritten or printed music that I convert to a PDF file, with pages one after the other vertically, it would helpful for that task to have the chance to have also the Musescore score ready in a similar way. Is it possible? Thanks.


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now I'm using a PC with UbuntuStudio and I have only 1.3 installed and this trick doesn't work. But it will remain a trick, and I wonder how this representation was choosen in the first place, where pdf files but above all every wordprocessing software I know use the vertical representation. Thanks.

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The horizontal layout is much better for scores in which one system fills the page - there is no vertical jumping ever required. This was a huge benefit for writing such scores before we had Continuous View. Now that we do have Continuous View, it certainly could make sense to revisit the decision to display pages horizontally. I guess the other thing it's good for is seeing margins in two-side layouts.

BTW, what do you mean it doesn't work to set the page height to be large? What goes wrong when you try? I can"t imagine how it could fail, other than if you choose a value that is bigger than MuseScore can handle. I guess manually inserted page breaks would still force it to go horizontal?

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> there is no vertical jumping ever required

But there is ALWAYS an HORIZONTAL jumping required

> it certainly could make sense to revisit the decision to display pages horizontally

To display pages vertically I think it's an option that could be offered; every word processor works this way, and I find that's it would be VERY useful when converting a pdf file (that is showed in vertical pages) to an mscz file.

In these situations, also, a TRANPARENT mode of MuseScore (maybe with COLOURED notes) could be of much help.

> manually inserted page breaks would still force it to go horizontal?

Even "score breaks" (hope I've told it in the correct way) gives a two page layout in large scores.

A "Vertical" layout could solve this.


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I think you might be misunderstanding. A score for many instruments so there is only a single system per page does *not* have horizontal jumping. When you are done with one page, it simply shifts left. Maybe it "jumps" over the margin, but that is nowhere near as disorienting as what would happen if the pages were stacked vertically. The point is, as things stand, you can be working on the first measure of a page and still see the last measure of the previous page while you work. That would be impossible in the vertical stacked view. So there cna be no doubt - the current arrangement is better scores in which a single system fills the page.

It is only scores for few enough instruments that you can fit several systems on a page where the vertical arrangement could *sometimes* be an improvement. The case you mention where you happen to be working from a PDF file being view in another program in another window is one possible example, but I don't see why you'd need to reproduce the same sequence of line and page breaks. Why not enter the music as music - in continuous view, taking the breaks as MuseScore gives them? Even if you wish to reproduce the original page layout for some reason, you could do that afterwards with no difficulty.

I'm not saying it wouldn't be a bad option to provide some day. As it is, the current arrangement works much better for some cases, with a perfectly good workaround for the other cases. The vertical arrangement simply reverses these - it's better for the cases where the horizontal arrangement is worse, worse for the cases where it horizontal is better, and also provides a workaround for the latter. So I don't see it making a whole ton of difference either way.

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I feel side-by-side more closely mimics a conductor turning a page. As for vertical for word-processors, maybe it resembles writing on a rolling blackboard?

As for the wide screen, this is ideal for having your PDF on the right and MuseScore on the left and having a vertical-scrolling continuous sheet does sound like a good idea at least for piano-vocal or others with just a few staves per system.

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