blue rectangle in navigator has wrong size initially

• Nov 13, 2014 - 10:05
S4 - Minor
  1. setup musescore to continue with last session
  2. create and save a multi page score, e.g. by just adding a page break
    should look like this now:
  3. close and restart Musescore
    looks like this now, blue rectangle is considerably smaller than the really visible part of the score:

      As soon as either the zoom gets changed or the size of the navigator, the blue rectangle reflects reality again

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I still can't reproduce, but maybe someone else can. I wonder, though, what's that other score you have open in another tab? Maybe that has something to do with it? Do you still see the problem if the empty score you are showing is the only score in the sessions?

I just built the last version on Linux Mint 17 and I can reproduce. It's only a problem of refresh.

If we show the Inspector windows, the blue rectangle in the Navigator isn't the right size. But as soon as we move the score (ei, panning), the blue rectangle gets the right size.

The same happens if we show the piano keyboard in a docked windows.

Exactly Jojo-Schmitz.

All that needs is to send signal or call a refresh function when a dockable windows in shown or hidden.

Aha! Now I can reproduce. It is indeed all about the size of the Inspector. The rectangle simply doesn't adjust for its size correctly. Even without closing and reopening a score. Start up MuseScore with My First Score with Inspector. Make sure Inspector is enabled. Drag left edge of Inspector to expand it, thus obscuring part of the score. The rectangle doesn't update until you drag the canvas or perform some other operation that refreshes - dragging the rectangle does not do it, though.