Bracket regression

• Nov 13, 2014 - 19:54
S4 - Minor

Adding multi-stave instruments causes problem with brackets joining those multi-staves.

How to generate the problem

Open a score, Reunion is fine.
Add a keyboard instrument, piano or harpsichord.

Expected behaviour

The existing brackets at the left of each line should remain in place, the new instrument should have its own brackets.

Actual behaviour.

The new instrument has correct brackets. The existing bracket is extended to cover all four staves.

Could there be a priority between "normal" and "critical"? This isn't critical, but it is important.


Can you reproduce this with anything other scores besides Reunion? I find I cannot reproduce this with scores created from scratch (whether created in 1.3 or 2.0). And while I can reproduce it with Reunion, it's a simple matter to then adjust the bracket. So I don't how this is is more serious than the average bug. Seems rather *less* so, actually, since it only happens with certain scores and it's easy to then correct.

Yes, I get the same thing.
Where it first showed up was running the (modified) script for issue 4625. The script creates a score from scratch, however it will only crash MS until my changes are in place, and this bracket issue is even worse there...