MuseScore + Pure Data (PD)

• Dec 29, 2009 - 02:43
S5 - Suggestion

Hi again MuseScore people!
I know this is a little off the main discussion for this peace of software. But, There is a beautiful, beautiful audio and midi software called Pure Data witch is for visually creating programs for sound and midi at a very low (for non developers) level. For me (and many others) it is the perfect way to get involved on all the possibilities of music and computer capabilities without having software programing knowledge . Being able to create from simple effects like a simple delay to complex synthesizers and more. I know that you are able to use Pure Data patches as vst plug ins on some programs with the help off PDVST .
But I think it can do a lot more without being a vst or plugging it with Jack, getting more involved in software like MuseScore giving the ability to midi and sound aficionados to really play inside the program and create plug ins, effects and instruments...
I don´t know how that could be implemented, but I would really like that
...I don´t know, just a thought...


Processing MuseScore audio output with puredata may be already possible if you route MuseScore output to PD input.
MuseScore has also support for Jack Midi.

What do you want to achieve by using PD + MuseScore? can you give any real life use case?

Well, I have created a few instruments that I would love to use with museScore, one is a very realistic flute that giving the appropriate settings it can sound from a traditional orchestral flute to an ocarina or a Chinese flute etc, and I can program it to have different kinds of air accents etc by midi messages.
Also a lot of sound transformations and effects. The possibilities are endless.
Basically what I was proposing and, sorry if I wasn´t clear before is that. If there where a way to use directly PD patches inside museScore (with some kind of PD run inside the program) and if developers where to create the appropriate GUI objects on PD for museScore (objects to get for example information about non standard midi data like slur lines, articulations etc, In fact everything about museScore would be helpful, the more the merrier) a lot of people would be able to do plug-in or vst-like patches without being software developers (a lot of really creative people involved).
I think that some kind of union between museScore and PD would be really great. PD has a some what large community that I am sure that would be willing to help.
I now that it is very far away from the current concerns but I really see that something like this could really work to get open projects like MuseScore and PD more open, involving more people that want to help and sum but don´t have a deep programing knowledge.

These people are creating something similar of what I´m proposing but for browsers.
Other real life examples of a pd pligins would be Instrument effects that currently are not possible on notation software like sul ponticello / sul tasto / sord. on strings that can be easily implemented with some filters. And a number of brass mutes.