Opened scores (including templates) appear twice in Start Center & recent files

• Dec 11, 2014 - 21:20
S4 - Minor

Ubuntu 14.04, GIT commit: 0a6faf9

Not sure if things have stabilized to the point where it's worth filing issues, but I've noticed this particular bug since the recent changes a few days ago, I think.

1) clear recent files list from file menu
2) restart musescore to get startcenter to honor that (a bug in itself?)
3) open a score via file / open
4) go to startcenter

Result: score appears twice. It also appears twice in recent list in file menu. However, scores that were created new then svaed appear only once (these formerly did not show at all). I also note that if you create a score from a template, the template itself shows in the recent list as well (twice).


restart musescore to get startcenter to honor that (a bug in itself?)
This is already fixed.

For the main bug, I can't reproduce currently. Can you?

I've found the reason I see this bug but others don't - my main MuseScore directory is a symlink to a directory on another drive. So the canonical name for most of my scores is different from the nominal name, causing the file to get added twice in the following code:…

I see that this second call to addRecentScore(path) was added to address an issue with imported files not showing correctly,a nd there was some concern about the coce at the time:

So I wonder, is there some other way to solve the imported file issue without breaking symlinks?

Looks it solves this particular issue for me. No idea if it causes others. Still seems weird we try to add scores twice - I guess we rely on them usually be the same value?