"MuseScore 2" is damaged and can't be opened… [Mac]

• Dec 23, 2014 - 01:45
S5 - Suggestion

When opening the beta app (from Applications or from the DMG), I get this error that the app is damaged. I re-downloaded the DMG and the error persists. It seems that others have ran into this before and the cause is that the package didn't sign properly.

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This should be fixed by the final release so Mac users don't have to go through an unnecessarily long install process to get it to work. It's not a hard fix, but one that non-technical users may object to.

This will get around the bug here but it absolutely isn't a solution when the software gets generally released.
I believe this message occurs when the package has been signed with a developer ID, but then modified before distribution. This is an error in the build process, as doing this is worse than not signing it at all.