• Jan 5, 2015 - 03:29

I compiled the second beta from source and there are no templates in the template folder. I tried to copy the templates from 1.3 to the 2.0 folder (~/Documents/MuseScore2) but nothing appears in MuseScore when I try to create a new score. I can't even create a new score, actually.

Is there some change in the templates format? Where can I download the new templates, if they exist?



If you compile from source, the last step should be "make install", which creates a full installation. You then need to run MuseScore from that install folder, not from the build folder. Then MuseScore will be able to find its own templates and other files.

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Well, I can't create a new score with a self-built MS on Linux as well.

Of course, I do not 'install' it: I compile and debug MS via Qt Creator and:

  • during debug, Qt Creator runs the built executable, not the installed executable.
  • It is common to compile it dozens of times in sequence when working on something and installing it each time is simply a waste of time.
  • I often have more then one built version at the same time for comparison but, of course, there can only be one installed version.

For all this reasons, the requirement to install it in order to have a basic function like creating a new score sounds rather extravagant (the bulk of the programme works fine without any installation).

Note: I pointed the MS preference for the template directory to the source template directory ("~/.../musescore/MuseScore/share/templates") but I still get an empty "Create New Score | Select Template File" dialogue.



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So, now the bug is fixed where user templates were ignored. But having them at the top of the list makes it even less obvious how to create a new score from scratch - you might have to scroll down a bit to get to the that blank template. Still I can we might want the user's templates prominent too. Maybe a tweak where we first show the "General" templates, then the user's, then the rest? I suspect it might require an ugly hack, but could be worth it. I guess the user templates actually showing at the top of the list because they are uncategorized, and if they were named along the same lnes as the pre-defined ones, they might show in those categories? I haven't messed around with this to see.

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I guess my concern there is wasted space - it means one more row in the list, so that much more to have to scroll through. "The rest of general" is just the two Treble & Bass templates; they take up no more room if included in the row with Blank, but would take a whole to themselves if we separated them. Is there really an advantage here?

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Hmm, well, I didn't like the idea of having to use a template for creating a score from scratch, would prefer the old method, a dialog before, 'new from scratch or template', then the templates selection.
But if we'd need to stick with these templates, yes, I agree it doesn't make too much sense to 'waste' a row

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Since chosing 'blank' have the same effect thad choosing 'from scratch' had, I think the way we are now is better because it's a single step both for building from scratch and for using a template.
I think a good thing would be to have in the first row the blank template and then some 'favorite' templates that can either be based on what is used the most by that user or by a selection of favorites by the user himself.
Some users will always be making choir scores, some will always do piano, and so on.. then even if those users create some special templates for different situations, they will always have those they use the most easy to select.

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I agree that having Blank on the tempalte sreen is better *in principle*, as it means you are not forced to decide between starting from scratch versus using a template before you even know what templates are available (hmm, when I put it that way, it reallys seems a no-brainer :-). But I *do* share the concern that it is less obvious how to create a score from scratch. I wouldn't mind the Blank template somehow standing out as well - bigger, different icon, labeled "Create From Scratch", something like that.

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