print pdf score on mac snow leopard

• Jan 12, 2015 - 17:16

I can´t print pdf score on mac snow leopard


I experience a similar problem when I try to print from my Windows 8 x64 machine. When I try to print a score, MuseScore shows me this error:

%%[ ProductName: Distiller ]%%
FreeSerif not found, using Courier.
MScore not found, using Courier.
%%[ Error: invalidfont; OffendingCommand: show ]%%


%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%

Here are my questions:
What is the FreeSerif font?
How do I get the FreeSerif font?
Why am I required to install a font that isn't included with the installation package?
Why am I required to install a font I've never heard of instead of defaulting to something basic like Times New Roman?
Why does the system select a backup font like Courier, which isn't included on Windows systems, instead of Courier New, which is included on all Windows systems?
When MuseScore can't find the font it needs, why won't it let me decide which font I want to use instead of arbitrarily picking another font that I don't have installed?
Why would the developers of MuseScore go to all the trouble of creating this software, then choke at the end and make it so that I can't print, which renders the software completely useless?

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How are you trying to print? Normal printing to a normal printer via File / Print should work fine. So should normal export to PDF via File / Export. So I am gussing maybe you are trying to use some sort of third party software-based PDF printer driver. Some of these may work, others may not, because the fonts used by MuseScore are built in to the program. You aren't supposed to install those fonts, in fact things go wrong if you try. You are supposed to simply use MuseScore's built in print and export dialogs, and these normally work fine. Only third party software-based PDF printer drivers occasionally have problems, so simply avoid using those - they are unnecessary with MuseScore.

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"ProductName: Distiller" stongly hints at Adobe Distiller, so not an export as PDF nor a print to a real printer. And indeed Adobe is notoriously know to play bad with MuseScore when used as a PDF printer, it doesn't seem to embed the Fonts that MuseScore does embed into the PDF exports. Replacing FreeSerif with Courier might work (and you'd need to ask Adobe why not 'Courier New'), but not having Mscore means to not have any of the musical symbols and won't work at all.
It is not MiseScore that doesn't find those fonts, but Adobe Distiller.
Either export as PDF or print to a real printer. Or a better (and free) PDF Printer like PDF24.
FreeSerif is a free (!) alternative to and replacement for Time New Roman, which may be available on one platform, but not another (MuseScore runs on Windows, Mac, Linux). It is built into MuseScore, and embeded its scores (the exported PDFs) for maximum portability, you are not required to install it, on the contrary, this may even harm.

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I'm trying to print by pressing the Print Score button (Ctrl + P) in the toolbar. Then in the Print dialog box, I'm clicking the Adobe PDF option. Then I'm clicking the Print button on the bottom.

If I try to print directly to a printer, that works fine. It's just printing to a PDF that doesn't work. On all my other software, I can print to a PDF just fine. It's just this software that doesn't allow me to print to a PDF.

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Although, for a reason that I don't fully understand but has something to do with embedding fonts, PDFs created from MuseScore with that dropdown in the "Print" dialog don't look very good. But I believe Nathan said the Adobe Distiller problem is happening on Windows 8.

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