Unison Overlapping Notes Tablature

• Jan 22, 2015 - 17:07
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Unison Overlapping Note Tablature Problem.mscz Unison Overlapping Note Is Represented As Two Notes On Two Strings In Guitar Tablature.
I am using Version: 2.0.0 Revision: a925ae0. I followed the handbook instructions on entering unison overlapping notes of different values. The first note in a set of eighth notes (voice 1) is overlapped with a half note in the second voice. The result looks fine in the standard notation but the guitar tablature results in the note being shown as two identical notes played on two strings instead of just one note on one string. Erasing the unwanted duplicate in the tablature also removes the note in the notation. Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?
GIT commit: a925ae0


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Thanks for the report.

Could you try in the latest development code (e.g. via nightly build, or self-compile)?

There is a problem clicking the attachment, so I upload it myself.

I don't understand the problem. From what I see, this seems normal. Could you show a picture of what you mean?

If you are unsure about a bug, it's probably better to post in the forum first.

Thanks again!

@Munkus: It's not a bug, rest assured, it's a feature :-) MuseScore does not behave like Finale for example, and that's very good!

MuseScore gives you the choice.

In the next example, you can play the G on the third open string, or on the fifth fret of the fourth string (first measure). Or, like in the second measure: play both G on two strings (which is a common case for plucked strings)

According to your words, "erasing the unwanted duplicate in the tablature also removes the note in the notation", you are in the configuration of two linked staves. It is for this reason that the removal of a number or letter in the Tab staff deletes the same note in the standard staff

To avoid this, two solutions:
- Made invisible (press the "V" key) the note that you do not want displayed.
- Or by not using linked staves, but only a staff (Standard or Tab), and then you do a copy and paste. In this case, only the number of the Tab will be canceled.

EDIT : In your example, I made invisible in the second C in Voice1. And slightly change the scheduling of notes because writing was initially really very difficult to play! This does not change anything to the reality of the feature that I spoke above.
Unison Overlapping Note Tablature Problem_0-3.mscz

So: we will consider this issue as resolved when Munkus has read the replies.