8c2401f Crashes on "Undo" - crtl+x

• Jan 25, 2015 - 19:48

1. Score with more than 1 part
2. Select top staff, Rt. click >Staff properties select small staff.
3. Save.
4. Using Styles, change distance between staves.
5. Undo more than once.

Result = crash.



I can't reproduce this.

Can you provide more precise steps, or a screencast?

BTW, stuff like this should probably be in the Technology Preview section.

Could also be dependent on the specific score involved - would help to post that.

BTW, probably just a typo, but just to be sure: Ctrl+X is cut, not Undo is Ctrl+Z. I tried both but couldn't get a crash.

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I now have the score basically how I want it. I'm not too sure what to do to reproduce.

I am changing the was some Bass parts look, using a small staff melody with a large staff Bass part. As I continue with this, I will add more if I discover anything.

Thanks for your swift responses trying to help.


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Glad it's working, but definitely update if you figure out a way to reproduce reliably. My personal goal is for 2.0 to release with no known reproducible cases of crashes or corruption. By this metric, I daresay we may actually be *ahead* of 1.3 at this point, although there are plenty of other bugs still left to fix before release.

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