Impossible to hide staff with pickup measure or empty it

• Feb 17, 2010 - 08:56
S4 - Minor


  1. Create a two staves score with a pickup measure from the assistant
  2. Put a note in the second staff
  3. Style ->Edit General Style-> hide empty staff
  4. --> No effect
  5. Select first staff first measure and press Suppr
  6. --> No effect

Expected behavior: First staff should be hidden and Suppr on a pickup measure should replace the rest by a whole rest (?)


Several things here:

1. A measure that has only rests should be considered empty regardless of whether it is a full measure rest or a quarter rest.

2. Incomplete measures should not show a full measure rest (otherwise musicians will not know that it is an incomplete measure). The behavior for steps 5 and 6 is correct (the fact that manually created incomplete measures display as a full-measure rest is a bug).

3. This last issue is probably beyond the scope of this bug report, but normally all staves are shown for the first system regardless of whether they are empty or not. Probably it would be a good idea to have a "show first system" option that is checked by default, underneath the "Hide empty staves" option.