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• Feb 1, 2015 - 16:09

First off, I love the new Musescore 2, and find most of the new features to be pretty spectacular. However, there is a slight modification that would make my time a lot easier. While it is great to have parts linked to the score, it makes it impossible for me to make instrumentals queues in the parts without them appearing in the score. It is quite possible that I am just missing something here, and would love to hear a solution. Even so, it would be great if a feature would be created to add queues to parts.


Capture.PNG As a matter of fact, I am not referring to a Coda. A queue, for example, the bass clarinet queue in the attached Wagner violin 1 part, is one or more measures from one part inserted in a different part to show the performer when to begin to play. As can be seen in the Wagner, there are many measures of rest for the 1st violins before they actually begin to play, so the bass clarinet queue assists them in their counting before their entrance. When I try to insert such queues into my own compositions, they invariably show up in my score as well as in individual parts, which is confusing to both myself and more importantly, my performers.

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The English word is "cue"; "queue" is pronounced the same but means something different :-).

Anyhow, I'm curious how it is confusing to your performers if the cues appear in the score? They aren't normally looking at the score, are they? But in any case, you can always, mark them invisible in the score - just select the notes (select range, right click a note, "Select / All similar elements in range selection") and press "V" to mark invisible. Then the same for rests if necessary.

Ultimately, we could definitely use a feature whereby certain elements are marked as *not* linked. That's on my agenda to look at post-2.0.

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Cue notes are reconizable as there are small sized note, and often when it is your part to play it is written above the score "play" or something that style.... ;-)

There are really usefull in orchestra when there are a lot (I mean really a lot) of mesure to count and the cue instrument is at least not far from the player or with a reconizable "timbre" (like English horn)

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