"Add more/less stretch"

• Feb 2, 2015 - 10:49

I'm not sure these terms are good ones "add less" seems rather strange to me, I'd propose chaning

Add more stretch → Add stretch
Add less stretch → Reduce stretch


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For example because "Add" is not really the opposite of "Reduce"...
Etch measure as a 'stretch' property, so you don't really add stretch but increase the existing one.
But then again "Increase stretch" should be paired with "Decrease stretch" and that doesn't look good to me, neither does "Add strecht" vs. "Substract stretch", actually that looks even worse.

This has always bugged me, although in a way I came to accept it as an interesting quirk :-)

I don't think "Increase Stretch" is particularly awkward, so I'd personally with "Increase stretch / Decrease Stretch" for consistency rather than "Add Stretch / Reduce Stretch. However, while we're at it, would it perhaps be more to the point to say "Spacing" instead of "Stretch"> After allm the corresponding Style setting that is being increased/decrease (for the selected range) is "Measure / Spacing".

So, how about "Increase Spacing" and "Decrease Spacing"?

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That was quick :-)

One snag - what about the Measure Properties dialog? The accumulated value of the spacing adjustments is presented as "Layout stretch". If we lose "stretch" from the menu, then the meaning of this setting isn't as obvious. Something like "Spacing adjustment factor" might do the trick, although it's kind of ugly.

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What's "Reset measure stretch"? The tooltip for "Reset stretch"?

I don't love it, but if we consistently called it "spacing factor" - "Increase spacing factor", "Reset spacing factor", "Spacing factor" - that might be OK. Since "Space" was changed to "Staff space" some time ago, maybe the confusion won't be too great.

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That was the possible issue raised a psots above. I do share that concern, but I would also observe that we *already* use "Spacing" for the style setting (Style / General / Measure), and that is really is the most natural term for this. It's unfortunate that this is also the term for what is between the lines of a staff, but again, that is really the most natural term for that as well.

As I mentioned, we did change from simply "Space" to "Staff space" in Layout / Page Settings some time ago. I think if we consistently use "Staff space" and "Spacing factor", we reduce the possibility of confusion - or maybe I should say, "Add less possibility of confusion" :-)

If we went this way, here is the list as I see it:

Style / General / Measure / Spacing
Layout / Increase Spacing Factor
Layout / Decrease Spacing Factor
Layout / Reset Spacing Factor
Measure Properties / Spacing factor


Layout / Page Settings / Staff space

We *could* use "measure spacing factor" instead of simply "spacing factor". It might reduce possibility of confusion even more, plus it is a little more accurate - it only affects full measures, not selected ranges *within* measures.

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Menu size doesn't fit the oriinal language size ...?
I thought if a menu item was in the original language a lillte long then it would be more space for that item and when translating in "long letter" language (as often French does) , we would have also more freedom to translate

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