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• Feb 6, 2015 - 21:44

Problem on install. "Installation directory must be on a local hard drive"
I'm accepting the default location on c: which is obviously a local drive.. anyone else have this issue? If so, what is the fix?


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For Windows, if for some reaosn there is a problem with the install, you could simply try a nightly build, which you don't need to install - just unpack the ZIP file. See the Downloads link at top of menu at right of this page. The nightly builds are quite a buit newer than the beta builds and tons of bugs have been fixed.

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Hi all,
Here are my two cents.
In my case I had the same problem during installation. This is how I solved it.
If you open a Console (but with administration rights - by right-clicking on the console icon after you have searched for it), and then you run the installer it works for me flawlesly.
My guess is that the installer should ask for administration rights but it doesn't, so executing the installer from a console with administration rights solves the problem.



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Hi, all,

I ran into this same problem trying to install the actual release. These directions worked for me:

1. Locate your installation file and remember the path to it. Let’s say I copy my installation file to C drive and its name is “MuseScore-2.0.0.msi“ (what a concidence, right?). So, the path to it is “C:\MuseScore-2.0.0.msi”.
2. Press Windows key to bring up the menu, and then type cmd.
3. A tiny black DOS icon will show up in your search box. Now, right click on that and choose Run as administrator.
4. Now you are using Command Prompt in Administrator mode. All you have to do is to run MSIexec command MSIexec /i [path to the installation program]. For example, my path to my LAN Access Control.msi is such above. So I type as follows: MSIexec /i “C:\MuseScore-2.0.0.msi”.
5. Press Enter and you can start installing your program.

Happy composing!

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Some users do not set Admin. passwords. (This is possible in the Win$. operating system (empty password; It is possible to continue by simply pressing Enter on the login screen. ))
The operating system wants to ask for the Administrator password, but there is no password here.
The operating system can not elevate rights without getting a password.
That's where the problem comes from.

The same problem occurs. I've been using MuseScore in my my PC since quite a while, and updating with no problem. But for the last update I received this error/alert. Running as administrator does not solve. Probably because of some new security updates of windows, but which?

Had the same problem, on and on. It's annoying. We better find another program since the developer is not worried about fixing his own problem at all.

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Indeed, unless you're still trying to install the beta preview of MuseScore 2 from 2015 like the OP was, it's not the same problem at all, even if it happens to involve a similar error message. Best to start a new thread and give more details - what OS, how you are trying to install, and at exactly which step of the process you get an error.

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