can't manually advance voice 2-4 note edit cursor to measure not already containing that voice

• Feb 7, 2015 - 04:27
S4 - Minor

When in note entry mode for voice 1, you can move the cursor between notes and measures using the left and right cursor keys, including empty measures. However, voices 2-4 don't seem to behave this way, and it's impossible to manually move the cursor to a measure that doesn't already contain notes in that voice.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create five measures of notes in voice 1. Also, while in note entry mode, notice that using left and right arrow keys moves the highlighted blue cursor from note to note, but also can move into empty measures, where it moves from measure to measure.
2. Select measure 1, and switch to voice 2. Add notes until the cursor advances to measure 2.
3. Move the cursor left, back into measure 1, then move it right.

Result: the cursor does not advance to measure 2, but instead seems to be stuck in measure 1. The only way to add voice 2 notes to measure 2 appears to be to exit note entry mode, select a note in measure 2, re-enter note entry mode, then switch to voice 2. This is very cumbersome.

4. Add some voice 2 notes to measure 5.
5. move the voice 2 green cursor left back over measure 5 and into measure 4.

Result: the cursor moves to measure 1 instead of measure 4 (and from measure 1 to measure 5 if going the other way).

Expected result: voices 2-4 should function similarly to voice 1, where the cursor can be moved to an empty measure (or measure not containing that voice) to add notes there.

I am using MuseScore nightly f2bb248 on Kubuntu 14.04 64-bit.


For the record, cursor in voices 2-4 *do* work like voice 1 - the cursor can only move to a position where there is actually a note or rest. The difference is just that voice 1 never has "holes" in it (places where there are no notes or rests). So as far as voice 1 is concerned, there is no such thing as an empty measure. What you might think of as an "empty" measure has a rest in voice 1, and that is what enables you to navigate into it. If the measure had rests in voices 2-4, you'd be able navigate into the measure in those voices too. And if voice 1 somehow lost the rest and became truly empty, you'd be just as unable to navigate into that "hole".

So it's not really a bug, kind of "by design", but that doesn't mean the design can't be improved. Right now, the cursor tries to get the next/previous note in the current voice. I think we could add a check: if there is no next note (your first case), or if the next note is not in the next measure, we could instead position the cursor at the beginning of the next measure. Same for previous, of course.