when object other than notehead, rest or measure selected, note entry starts at measure 1

• Feb 7, 2015 - 04:43
S4 - Minor

If I select an object such as an articulation or note stem and enter note entry mode, the note entry cursor appears on measure 1. However, when editing large scores, measure 1 is often well out of the viewable page area, so it isn't possible to see where the note entry cursor is, and it's a bit hard to tell that note entry mode is enabled at all.

A couple proposed solutions to this:
1. Have note entry note start in the same measure as the selected object.
2. Have the score reposition to show measure 1 if note entry is set to begin there.

I would vote for solution #1, as it seems to make the most sense. In the case of multiple selected objects, I would think note entry should start in the first measure associated with a selected object.

I am using MuseScore nightly f2bb248 on Kubuntu 14.04 64-bit.



Implements both the proposed solutions above. #1 is of course preferred, but if *nothing* is selected, or the selected object is not attached to a measure (eg, spanners, frames), or there is a mutli-selection, we still start in measure 1, and that means we still should reposition the canvas.

BTW, it was also possible to start note entry off screen if you *do* have a note selected but have scrolled away from it. My change should fix that too.

The price is maybe some case where the canvas repositions unnecessarily - if the select note was already on screen but maybe not positioned as well as adjustCanvasPosition() wants. But in such cases, it's likely to be a good thing anyhow.