Can't open v. 2 b. 0 claims error and closes

• Feb 8, 2015 - 04:16

Help! I haven't been on Musescore for about 2 months and now need to get on. When I try to open Version 2 Beta 0 an error report comes up saying it is going to close because of a problem. I have v.1 b.3 but some of my stuff is written in 2. 0 and it won't open because of this error. I've tried resetting according to the musecore instructions but this didn't work. I've tried reinstalling it and it still closes. I'm not that computer savvy so please help me with clear instructions. Thanks...Carla


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I'm not sure if I know how to check the permission of Avast. Can you help? I tried installing version 2 beta 2 but the same thing happens. I have an old 1.3 but that doesn't open my newer pieces. I also tried downloading Nightly but I have to have WinZip to do this which I don't have. Thanks for your time.

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Download 7zip (free), Nightly can be extracted on a USB key.
Read here:
access to the main screen of the program (by double clicking on its icon in the notification area of Windows) and click on the Settings item placed in the top right. At this point, select the item from the Global Exclusions left sidebar and click on the search button to indicate the file or folder to add to the exceptions.

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Your patience is appreciated! I downloaded 7zip and Nightly but I can't find where Nightly was downloaded to. I was able to open Avast but could not find musescore.exe but I did exclude the bin just in case. When I go to look at the list of exclusions it seems to erase what I put in! I tried downloading v.2 b.2 but the same problem is still coming up. It says "Windows has found a problem. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and will notify you if a solution is available." I'm not holding my breath! The program never opens. I have Windows 8...does that make a difference. I really don't like it either! Fortunately, I also have a fairly new Windows XP harddrive that was installed when we got it so that saved me a bit. So.......any other suggestions? Or help? ;\

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How To take for a walk with Nightly :-)

Download the latest version;
Unzipp in a usb pen drive;
In the usb add a folder "My scores";
Add the link to nightly.exe.


The start is slow but it works (at least for me) and you can use it on another PC without installing anything.

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