deleting all measures causes musescore to die

• Feb 8, 2015 - 04:20

Using prerelease for version 2.0.0 (a925ae0), if I ask to delete all selected measures in my score (by selecting them all and then asking to "delete all selected measures") the program dies unexpectedly.


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In the nightly build MuseScoreNightly-2015-02-06-2202-b9e10df.dmg this behavior is no longer seen.

So ... its been a while. I thought I was using V2 Beta 2 b/c it was "somewhat stable" and had more features, etc. I am happy to do some testing here and there, esp since the community here seems really excellent, and I might someday want to do more (a few plugins come to mind), but at present I've also got a bunch of music editing work to get done (for teaching purposes). What would be the best version for me to use for that?


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In comparison to the evolving development code, I see betas as a stable preview because it is usually prepared, checked and approved specially - I think one of the main benefits is being able to receive feedback from more users. However, internals are subject to change, so I wouldn't recommend using either (especially the former) for serious work.

I'm not in charge of MuseScore, but the final 2.0 version will most likely be released in the next few months.

Using XP (yes, I know!) start a new score with defaults, any key etc. When page is displayed, select first bar, shift-select last bar then Control-Delete kills MuseScore 2 Beta.

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