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• Feb 10, 2015 - 14:28

I would like to know if there is a way to 'group'-select and then edit lyrics for font/size once they have been entered?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I'm a new musescore user - 1 week - and I'm loving it! Ease of use and general maleability is wonderful.


in 1.x, just select one, right-clicl, text properties, change to your haerts content, then tick the 'applie to all' before you leave the dialog with OK
In 2.0 Beta 2 changes to the text style get reflected immediately and even to already existing stuff

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jojo you are a life-saver - my singers thank you profusely!!!

I made the changes successfully in 1.3.

a couple of notes:
1. I used 1.3 to make the score in question but I'm trying out 2.0 as well. I tried your methods in both. In 2.0, changing the font in style: text... didn't alter all existing lyrics - perhaps I misunderstood your instruction - or perhaps it's because the score was created in 1.3?

2. When I tried to edit the chord names using the same method within 1.3 all the chord names just disappeared!

needless to say I've learned the importance of making sure the default fonts are all correct before I begin!!

thanks again for your assistance.

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For 1.3, text is pretty weird indeed. The chord symbols would have come back on save / reload, I believe. But changing the text *style* does work for chord symbols, even retroactively - because they are not oplain text but generated on the fly. So for 1.3 (as well as 2.0), you can change font of chord symbols easily using the text style. For 1.3, it might be necessary to reload to see the changes.

If you have a recurrent alternate style for lyrics, for sure in 2.0 betas, perhaps also in 1.3, it is also possible to:

A) Once before any editing:

  1. With the menu command "Style | Text...", button "New" create a new text style with an appropriate name ("My lyrics" or whatsoever) and configure it to the needed parameters.

B) Then, for each group of lyrics you want to alter:

  1. With [Shift]+Drag, select the lyrics (or a group of them) and nothing else
  2. In the Inspector, select the required text style in the "Style" drop list.

With the [Shift]+Drag manoeuvre it is difficult (perhaps impossible) to select lyrics from more than one staff/system, so you will have to repeat for each staff/system, but it is still rather simple.

For a set of sparse lyrics syllables here and there, it is always possible to select each of them with [Ctrl]+Click and format all of them together, as above.

With this method, I easily and satisfactorily format the italics lyrics used to indicate texts non present in the source and supplied by the editor.

This way has also the additional bonus that, if you later realize than a slightly different style would be better, you only have to change the style definition, not each syllable.

Hoping it helps,


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