Strings "Selection", "Notes" and "Rests" in Inspector are untranslated

• Feb 16, 2015 - 10:55
S4 - Minor

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in inspector, at the bottom, see the strings "Selection", "Notes" and "Rests"

Even when using a language setting different from English and with those stings translated on Transifex and having updated to the latest translation, those strings show up untranslated

One of the strings, "Rests", showed up new on Transifex, shortly after the PR adding that feature got merged, but not the other 2 strings. Possibly because they are used in other places already.


the String "Create New Score" and "Choose Instruments" in the new score wizard are also not showing up translated, seems to be the same issue.

I tried to reproduce from scratch without success on Mac.
I run MuseScore with -F. MuseScore is in French, the strings in question are not translated. I get the update from the resource manager and relaunch MuseScore. All the strings are translated.

Could it be that on Windows, we try to write the mscore_xx.qm file on the one currently loaded in MuseScore (if the current loaded file is the one from the resource manager) and then the write fails silently and so we are always loading an old file?

Don't think so, as it happens even if I delete the qm files first
Haven't (yet) tried a -F though, but also can't really imagine how that could relate (except that it too deletes the qm files, amongst other things)

Status (old) active fixed

Indeed a factory reset solved it, very strange. Actually the difference got to be somewhere inside MuseScore(Development).ini