Duplicate Chord Symbols

• Mar 1, 2015 - 11:05
S5 - Suggestion

Sometimes chord symbols seem to refuse marking and deleting. However I found out, that they just tend to multiply on top of each other. So if I repeat marking and deleting them, after some hundreds of clicks the marking takes effect, so the marked chord symbol really gets blue and after some other tens of attemps to delete the chord symbol it really vanishes. So by some unknown process (maybe by cut and paste of notes or whole measures) the chord symbols duplicate.


Which version of MuseScore, what OS, can you share the score that is showing the problem?
(don't assign to yourself, unless you plan to provide the fix)

Sorry, saw the erroneus assignment too late and didn't manage to correct it.

MuseScore version is 1.3. OS is Windows 7. Test File attached.

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To be clear, the file already contains a zillion hords symbols, so 2.0 will shows them as clearly as 1.3 did. It's not that we would need reproduced in 2.0, it's how that came to be in the first palce we would need to see reproduced. I am guessing these came from copy and paste or some similar operation. Eg, in 1.3, select a measure with a chord symbol, copy, then immediately paste. Paste again, and again, and again, and the notes will just overwrite themselves but the chord symbol will not, so you end up with many duplicates. As mentioned, this won't happen in 2.0, although it would certainly be possible to create multiple chord symbols in the same location through other means if you tried hard enough.