How to add multiple instruments (voices) in one staff

• Mar 10, 2015 - 20:58

Environment: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)
MuseScore version: a925ae0

I start a new score through the dialog and select Choral -> SATB closed score.
I do get a basic setup for SATB as expected.

Now I want to change this for TTBB. Therefore I have to change the 'instruments' in the bottom staff from "Soprano/Alto" to "Tenor1/Tenor2".

I don't seem to be able to do that in both the Instruments window, as in the staff properties window. See screen dumps:



Clicking the instruments button does show this screen:


Looking at the default values it should be possible, but how can this be acomplished?

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Just change Instrument to "Tenor" (or "Tenore"). Each voice in that stave will then be treated as a Tenor. You can put whatever text you want in the "Long instrument name" and "Short instrument name" boxes. "T1" [New Line] "T2" would seem appropriate. If you really wanted to have Tenor1/Tenor2 appear in the "Instrument" box you can export the score as an XML and manually edit the exported file but there isn't really any point in doing this as it won't change the appearance of the score or its sound on playback.

BTW, the reason Change Instrument didn't work is that this isn't what it is meant for. It's not about a name change - that's what the long, short, and part name fields right there in the Staff Properties are for. Change Instrument is meant only to literally change the instrument - to something with a totally different sound, different transposition, etc. It's not a field you type into; you are supposed to select from the available instruments in the dialog you posted. Tenor/Bass is not the name of an instrument - *voice* would be the name of an instrument, but it's probably already that.

I suspect whoever created these templates edited those instrument names by hand in the MSCX file to get them to say Soprano/Alto and Tenor/Bass, but they are really just voices.

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Thanks, it's clear. Indeed, the functions associated don't work in a closed score anyway (e.g. checking individual voice max high/low).
I'll keep the voices in separate staffs, and combine them to a closed score just to print them for the members of the choir.

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