(release candidate) Confusing design in upload score dialog

• Mar 13, 2015 - 14:47
Graphical (UI)

In the upload score dialog, there is the word "Sharing" with a check box next to it...
... and there is more text there, but I think many people are not going to read the other text if they see "Sharing" with a check box next to it.

So, they check that box if they want their score to be shared (or they don't check that box, thinking that that will make it NOT shared), and then people get confused or upset or whatever...

A possible solution is to reverse the effect of the check box, and change the other text to "Make this score public" (and have it checked by default, to keep the default the same as it currently is).
Then, when people just see "Sharing" with a check box next to it, the check box will mean what they think it means.

This would add a new string that needs to be translated for all of the translations.

Rethinking my proposed solution... That could add confusion as to the purpose of the check box.
But there's plenty of room for more text there. Maybe:
"Make this score public (uncheck this box to make the score private)"