Flaw with ties in 1.3 I exploited, can I do something similar with 2?

• Mar 16, 2015 - 15:31

I guess this is the opposite of a bug report, because you guys fixed the flaw, just I had exploited it.

In 1.3 when a tie crossed systems, each arc was treated as a separate element.

In the attached, there is a different refrain depending on when it is sung.

I tied the end of each refrain to the start of each verse.

Then I made appropriate tie marks and notes "hidden."

Look at the last and first measures of the refrains and verses using 1.3 to see what I did.


When I open with 2.0RC the entire tie is treated as one element (which it should be).

Can I create this effect with 2?

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So the effect you want is a "one sided" tie?

There is no direct support for that in 2.0, so it's a matter of finding a workaround that works for you. This is something we need to support in the future. There is partial support internally, but no good way to enable it.

Similar to Shoichi's method but you don't need more Voices. Select all the notes, add a Grace note after each, select the Grace notes and make them invisible, stemless and tie the big notes to the little notes.

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I didn't see your reply before I "fixed" the issue, I'll look at it now, and see if it will work better than what I came up with Shoichi's suggestion.

What I did is this:


which ends up looking like this:


The MIDI player will treat the halfnote-dot tied to the quarter note as a whole note, which is all the viewer or printer will see.

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