Default Note Input shortcuts not working for keyboard layout with Shift + Number

• Mar 21, 2015 - 10:37
S3 - Major

There is a conflict for Belgian, French and other keyboard layouts ( have the numbers in Shift in regards with the Note Input length shortcuts ([Number]) and the "Add interval below current note" (Shift⇑+[Number]) and Mac OS X.

Basically if you want to change the duration using the shortcuts, it does not work on Mac OS X. Instead the "add interval" shortcuts takes effect.

As Note Input is the central activity in MuseScore, we need to solve this. A short term solution is removing the default "add interval" shortcuts. Obviously anyone can enter these shortcuts back. A longer term solution is to create shortcuts for each keyboard layout.

Screenshot 2015-03-21 11.43.11.png


A shame, but understandable. Will love to get the long term solution soon, also hopefully include the ability to save/load sets of shortcuts, a special accessibility set, etc.

I guess it's too late, but I would have recommended also switching Alt+number to do the add intervals below. Right now, between Shift+letter and Alt+number, we have two ways of building chords bottom up, but no ways of building them top down. And it always felt inconsistent to have Shift+letter add above but Shift+number add below. Having Alt+number add the intervals below would have addressed both of these issues.

On a related note, now that Shift+letter consistently enters notes above the chord, we should consider adding commands to enter notes below, since a number of people prefer that. Then those users could reassign the Shift+letter shortcuts to get that behavior.