preinstall font should include Italic

• Mar 21, 2015 - 12:15

Instead of using "Free Serif", I believe that It would be better using "Times New Roman" as the preinstall font in 2.0 RC, the same as 1.3, so that it can be shown perfectly in Italic.

The attached pictures are to demonstrate the difference between real Italic [in 1.3] and "fake Italic" [in 2.0 RC].


2.0 RC.PNG

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Thanks for your reply!
You can check the wikipedia page to find out what's the difference between them.
In the field of typography, [true] Italic is another type style looks more hand-written and smoother, while "fake Italic" created automatically by the computer is relatively wierd and of course, not "right".
By the way, most PC contains Times New Roman. And as I said, MuseScore 1.3 had already used Times New Roman (as the screenshot I presented).
Thank you again!

Right, Times New Roman is not provided with MuseScore, it just happens to already be present on one of the OS's supported by MuseScore. I take it you are on Windows, which is the only OS to provide that particular font. So if by "most PC's" you actually mean, "most PC's that are currently running Windows", then it is true that most have Times New Roman, but we need to support Mac and various flavors of Linus as well. There is no font available on all of these platforms. So in order to make it possible for scores created on MuseScore to look the same on all platforms, it was decided to provide a font with MuseScore, so everyone would have access to the same font. And of course it has to be a free / open font. Hence, FreeSerif.

It is true that there is no dedicated italic version of FreeSerif provided with MuseScore, so it is indeed "fake" italic. Rather than having specially designed italic glyphs, the font rendering system simply takes the regular characters and slants them.

If you prefer to use Times New Roman or any other font, you are welcome to change to that font for your scores, but do realize your scores won't look the same on other people's systems, then. If you want to make this the default on your system, you can create a score set up this way and then either save it as a tmeplate then re-use that template, or save the style file and set that as your default in Edit / Preferences / Score.

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