Very strange error

• Mar 24, 2015 - 17:34

Hello, I have very strange problem. I'm making a score with metre 3/4 but in one stave, one tact is in 2/4 0_o ? I've tried to fix that but I can't. So I have all tacts in 3/4 and one in 2/4, any ideas how to fix that?


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From the picture, it appears the measure is corrupt somehow - meaning that it a bug in the program caused this measure to have the wrong number of beats for that staff. Again, it's really hard to hekp if you don't attach the actual score, but in general, removing that measure entirely from the score and inserting a new one should help.

Meanwhile, it looks like that was produced in 1.3. As you are probably aware, 2.0 is now released. it fixes very many of of the bugs that cause this sort of corruption - every single such bug from 1.3 we could identify, in fact. But it won't magically fix your scores that are already corrupt - it will just hopefully make it less likely you'll have these problems in the future. And And 2.0 is in general an enormous improvement over 1.3 in every other way imaginable. So you might consider upgrading.

I'm not sure if "tact" translates as "staff" or "measure" (aka "bar").

If you mean "measure" or "bar", then indeed, it seems its actual duration may have been changed for some reason and you can fix that in Measure Properties. Or it has become corrupt, in which case the easiest might be to complete delete the measure, insert a new one, and re-enter the music for that measure.

If you mean "staff" - one staff has a different time signature than the others - then this means you have inadvertently created a "local time signature" (by ctrl+dragging from palette in 2.0, for instance). Simply delete the contents of those measures in that staff and drag in the appropriate time signature.

If that does not resolve your problem, please attach the score you are having trouble with and descirbe exactly where the problem is.

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